Terms & Conditions 
* Bride / Groom Must be an Indian citizens / NRI. 
* Age of Bride / groom must not be less than 18/21 years of age according to the Indian constitution. 
* In case of Divorce / Remarriage required proof documents must be submitted. Only those who divorced legally must register. 
* You must Complete our online registration process with all true credential information and with recent photograph only. If any discrepancies found we have right to cancel or remove your profile and stop our services without any notice. 
* Confidential information such as your id and password should be secured. Those datas should not be shared with anybody  if any problem arises to other members through you if found guilty you are completely will be held responsible for such act. 
* We as company just serve as interface or an  online market place for registered members to search their respective choice from available profiles in our website. We never intend to buy any form of comissions or any form of charges other than 365 rupees per year. If any other fees or promotion call received to collect any other charges should be reported to our officials ( Franchise or Collection Centre) 
* Verification of registered members should be done by themselves. We advise you to recheck and do background verification before meeting or any other further proceedings. 
* During message interface any form of Racial comments or Discrimination with our other members is strictly prohibited. Should not transfer any form of financial details in our message Interface if done we are not responsible for losses incured. 
* All the registered members here should never  enter into physical relationship before marriage which inturn result in violation of Indian law. 
* Payment of 365 rupees is collected only through our authorised Collection centres / Franchises only. 
* Online payment can be done to out authorised persons only. Find them through our website entire details will be given. Do not pay to anyone other than authorised persons in en kalyanam. 
* Directly walk-in to our authorised Franchise offices if Offline mode of payment to be done. 
* For any form of queries or complaints kindly visit contact us section in our website. 
* We does not provide any guarantees or warranties or alliance assurance for marriage through our website. 
* Any copying / usage of any direct or indirect form of members data being used by registered members. if found strict legal action will be taken against them.